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Sewing Lamps

Sewing requires a level of intricacy that can challenge even the most skilful but with clever lighting, you’re halfway there. Whether you’re a sewing star, an enthusiastic embroiderer or a quirky quilter, a daylight lamp will help with colour matching and fine detailing.

Magnifying Lamps

For the most accurate hand stitching and beadwork, a magnifier is a must. Adjust the illumination around your sewing area and reduce eye strain. Native magnifying lamps can be clamped to the side of your sewing bench or placed on a side table ready to assist with the most intricate tasks.

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Rechargeable Lamps

Native Lighting rechargeable lamps are powerful and portable. Charge up at home and take your lamp and sewing project with you to a friend’s, a group session or on a trip away. With your own portable light source, there’s no need to rely on poor lighting or to be constantly near a wall socket.

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What others say

This lamp is excellent and just what I needed. It provides the perfect additional lighting I needed at my sewing maching and at my cutting table. The different colours and brightness features make sewing at different times of the day so much easier. Love the remote control. Can't recommend this lamp enough.
Lumina Floor Lamp
Lesley Fowler
Very pleased with my light. Just what I needed whilst using my sewing machine..
Task Lamp XL
Absolutely delighted with this lamp. The strain on my eyes is very much reduced which makes doing my cross-stitch more enjoyable.
Chameleon Desk Magnifier

Sewing Machine Lighting

The sewing machine and necessary paraphernalia take up lots of space that needs consistent, clear lighting with no shadowy corners. Native’s wide task lamps are slimline and space-saving, shedding powerful, adjustable light across a wide area.

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Lightweight and Portable

There are times when your sewing must travel with you to another room or even another building. Can you be sure that the best lighting will be there too? If you’re mid-project, consistency of conditions is key. So take a light, portable Native lamp with you to be sure to avoid frustrating light conditions.

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