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Daylight Lamps

Why Daylight Lamps

Being able to view things clearly is something that many of us take for granted. We know that having the right light in the right place can have a huge impact on our lives and work.  Natural daylight can help improve efficiency and the amount of time that you can continue to work comfortably. At Native Lighting we continue to develop lamps and magnifiers that are ergonomic and designed in conjunction with our users to give you the optimum light that will enable users to continue with the hobbies that they love and help you during your working day.

Daylight is measured in Kelvins (K), with horizon daylight being around 5,000K and full daylight being approximately 6,500K

Working in poor lighting conditions can cause headaches and sore eyes. it can also affect our concentration levels and a lack of light can make us sleepy.

The Benefits of Daylight Lamps

Although unnatural light will never provide all the health benefits that natural daylight can provide, LED lighting can mimic daylight, and so enhance colour matching and lighting conditions in our workspaces.

This is because these types of bulbs have colour temperatures of between 5,000K – 6,500K ensuring that the warmth of the colour can be suited to your needs for enhanced colour matching and working with intricate details. Also, it means that if the lamp has multiple settings for warmth, you can change it throughout the day.

Daylight lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the user. Native Lighting provide a wide variety of daylight lamps. You need to consider where you will be doing your work or hobby and work out which style of lamp will fit the desired area that you want to light up.

Colour Changing Technology

Over 70% of our lamps have colour changing technology, this allows you to choose from warm, cool or daylight setting. With 5 different brightness levels this gives you 25 different settings to choose from.

Daylight lamps have LED daylight bulbs which work for an average of 40,000 hours (the equivalent of leaving your lamp on solidly for 1666 days), in comparison to halogen light bulbs which last for only 2000 hours.

Our Stockists

Desk Lamps

At Native Lighting we have a diverse range of desk lamps, some with magnifiers and some with flexible necks so the light can be positioned exactly where you need it the most.

We also have an A4 and A3 Lightbox and the rather marvellous Reverse Lamp N3191 (pictured) which provides both cool and warm light, depending on which end it is standing on.

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Low Vision Lamps

We have a range of Low Vision desk and floor lamps to suit every purpose. Whether you need focused light for reading, crafting, writing, work or for hobbies we have a solution for you! 

The lamp pictured is the RNIB Lumina Floor Lamp N3173R

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Floor Lamps

Our range of floor lamps includes the RNIB Lumina Floor Lamp N3173R the Eclipse Ring Light N5225 which is great for filming tutorials, vlogging, blogging and photography and one of our best sellers (Pictured) the Lumina Floor Lamp N3183 and N3173.

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Magnifying Lamps

Our magnifying lamps are used by people that like to sew, read, craft, work in electronics and the beauty industry. They are exceptional for close work of any kind!

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