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Home Office

Home working is a necessity for many and a cramped desk shunted to the corner of a room simply doesn’t cut it. For a fully functional, stylish working space you want to spend time in, you need efficient, smart lighting. Good lighting creates a productive, more comfortable workspace.

Desk Lamps

Every desk deserves a great lamp that gives exactly the right level of lighting for the time of day and task at hand. Native Lighting desk lamps are stylish, minimalist, flexible in their light level options and fixings. So whether you have a wide desk that needs far-reaching lighting or a tiny surface that can only accommodate a clamp lamp, Native Lighting has a desk lamp that fits perfectly.

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USB Powered Lamps

No wall socket nearby? Not a problem with a USB powered lamp. Simply plug one of our compact lamps into the USB port of your laptop of desktop computer to charge or run the lamp. With no compromise on the power of light from these small but mighty lamps, you get all the features of a plug-in lamp on the move.

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What others say

I already own one of these lamps and use it very frequently for crafting, sewing, reading and just ambient lighting. My son began 'borrowing' it however, and was finding it increasingly useful while working from home. So I bought him one for Christmas. In terms of usefulness I definitely find the investment very worthwhile. Thank you.
Reverse Light
I highly recommend Native Lighting lamps. I bought the Eclipse Ring Lamp & it is fantastic. The lighting is brilliant the daylight setting really looks like daylight just like you are out on a sunny day, clear & bright. Or it has the most beautiful warm light setting & other light settings. You can use it sitting or standing it is very adjustable. I bought it to use to film my You Tube videos. I will definitely come back to buy the floor lamp when the budget allows. These lamps are brilliant.
Eclipse Ring Light
Pauline Holas
Bought a Working Lamp for my hobby desk. Serious upgrade. Great light, like daylight in a dark room. Covers a wide area which opens up more use of the desk! Easy to clamp on and adjustable from any angle. Can’t fault it either. Good price.
Onyx Task Lamp
Chris Bevan

Portable Lamps

Flexible working needs flexible lighting. When you’re out and about with your laptop or notebook but need focused lighting to get the job done, Native’s portable lamps are your best travel companion. Charge up at home and head out knowing that you’ll always be illuminated by exactly the brightness and colour temperature of light that you require.

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Monitor Lamps

Your computer or monitor screen has wonderful backlit technology but what about the area in front of your screens? Light up a wide area with a powerful and stylish Native monitor lamp. Working across the width of two computer monitors, the lamp assists with close up reading and writing, reducing eye strain and tiredness.

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