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Expertly designed lamps for people who need the best lighting in beauty, in crafting, in detailed work and in reading.

Shining beauty

Close up beauty work for lashes, brows, nails and makeup need expert illumination to get the best results and keep clients coming back again and again. Native lamps are a go-to for the beauty sector. Light up your beauty business

Innovative crafting

Needlecraft and artwork are made easier in the best possible light. Colour matching needs daylight and intricate sewing needs magnification. Native lamps help crafters and artists achieve their best results. Lighting for art and crafting

Easy to use, with carefully considered features for every user – different colour temperatures, brightness, daylight options, flexible fittings and controls, magnification and lightboxes.

From lash work to quilting, from intricate
artwork to demanding circuit board work, and of course the greatest pleasure, reading –
there is a Native lamp for everyone.

Native Lighting is a British lamp company that creates simple, innovative lighting solutions for those in need of an exceptional quality light or magnifier

Inspired by Scandinavian design with sleek lines and smooth styling, our lamps are indispensable for people with low vision and are widely trusted by beauticians, artists, quilters, sewers, hobbyists and readers to illuminate the most demanding, detailed work.

For added peace of mind, all Native Lighting lamps are guaranteed for two years

Designed for our users

The Native Lighting range is used by beauticians, artists, quilters, sewers, hobbyists, readers, people with low vision and for many other tasks. They are even used in industrial settings and in labs and medical facilities. They aid all forms of “close work”, aid low vision users and help to prevent eye strain and consequent headaches.



Take a look through our Daylight Lamp Range to find a light to suit your purpose.

Whatever your task – health & beauty, crafts & sewing, art, industrial, office and reading – there’s a Native lamp for everyone

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Find Native’s full range of daylight lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, low-vision lamps, magnifying lamps and lightboxes.

What others say

The different colours and brightness features make sewing at different times of the day so much easier”

Absolutely amazing light! Very light but sturdy. Highly recommended

Eclipse Ring Light


Excellent light. Range of brightness and colour options. Remote control option is brilliant. The turn off delay is an excellent idea.

Lumina Floor Lamp


Absolutely delighted with this lamp. The strain on my eyes is very much reduced which makes doing my cross-stitch more enjoyable.

Chameleon Desk Magnifier


Our Stockists

Become a native lighting stockist

To become a stockist of Native Lighting daylight lamps please fill in the form and we will have a conversation to see if we would like to collaborate. To be a stockist you must have the following:

  • Hold an agreed amount of stock
  • Promote the products on your website
  • Engage with social media
  • Collaborate on promotions and exhibition’s where appropriate
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