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Arts and Craft

From jewellery makers to watch menders, card makers, sewing stars, enthusiastic embroiders and a hundred home crafters the one thing they all have in common is the need for good lighting in which to colour match, for finer details and intricate work. The daylight lamps we offer are the perfect solution!

Daylight Craft Lamps

Being able to view your craft clearly is something that many of us take for granted. We know that having the right light in the right place can have a huge impact on our lives and work.  Natural daylight can help improve efficiency and the amount of time that you can continue to work comfortably. At Native Lighting, we continue to develop lamps and magnifiers that are ergonomic and designed in conjunction with our users to give you the optimum light that will enable users to continue with the hobbies that they love and help you during your working day. Working in poor lighting conditions can cause headaches and sore eyes. it can also affect our concentration levels and a lack of light can make us sleepy.

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Magnifying Lamps

Many aspects of crafting require intricate, detailed and close-up work and our Magnifying Lamps offer the perfect assistance with a dimmer setting. The brightness can be adjusted to deliver more light to aid with painting miniatures, for instance. The strong, flexible gooseneck on these lamps allows the bright light and magnification to be angled in any direction over your crafting project and wide, sturdy bases maintain the stability of the lamp on any flat surface. Our lamps emit daylight, warm light, or cool light with three brightness levels for each, enabling maximum relaxation with no eye strain as you enjoy your hobby.

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What others say

I am extremely pleased with this light I've had other cheaper ones that were good but decided I'd buy this because I heard the end of what was said on screen at the time and it doesn't disappoint one bit. The colours are fantastic and the different intensity of each colour is fantastic. There's a good length on the charging lead, simple easy to understand instructions and the best bit is it gets right in close to what your working on and its easily moved when you need. I think it's the best light around for craft, it's especially good as in my home the lighting isn't great and this is beat my expectations. I couldn't recommend this light more and because of all the positives I think its worth every penny because it's a high quality product.
Lumina Desk Lamp
One of the best purchases I have bought in a long time. Thank you to 3 split pays which made this manageable. I can finally see in my flat. The lighting is perfect just right & so many options. As for the quality it's very well made & strong, you can't see the quality come through on t.v. It's better than I could have ever imagined. I bought the Black one for my living room & will buy the white one for my bedroom. This has to be the best lamp I've ever owned.
Lumina Floor Lamp
Absolutely delighted with this lamp. The strain on my eyes is very much reduced which makes doing my cross-stitch more enjoyable.
Chameleon Desk Magnifier

Artist Lamps

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by a wealth of artistic talent! Whether creating an oil painting masterpiece, or an incredibly detailed pencil drawing, abstract, impressionists tattoo and alternative artists all rave about our daylight lamps.  Our A4 and A3 Lightboxes shown in the picture are hugely popular with artists.

Industrial Lamps

Our range of industrial lamps are perfect for 3D printing, watch repairs, circuitry and for anyone needing extra light for intricate tasks.  The daylight technology reduces eye strain and allows operatives a clear view.

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