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Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

The Slim Lamp XL N3133 and N3134 have been designed with ergonomics in mind. With the gooseneck’s flexible design, the light can be placed precisely where it is needed.

The 5,500K daylight LED light source allows for accurate colour matching

You can use this lamp to light up your sewing machine, work on a laptop, use it in a beauty salon, take it to classes, or even use it on the go.

A USB power adapter or battery pack can be used to power the lamp, or it can be plugged into any USB port.

After the light is on, you can dim it by holding your finger on the lamp’s end.

Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

Flexible Goose Neck

Flexible Goose Neck

Colour Temperature Daylight

Colour Temperature 5500K

USB Charging

USB Charging

3 Brightness

3 Brightness levels

Key Features

  • Daylight LED’s
  • Three brightness levels
  • USB Powered
  • Flexible arm for perfect positioning
  • Spring Clamp with cushion pads

Technical Details

  • Light source: LED
  • Light colour temperature:  5500K
  • Lux at 30cm 1950
  • Lumens 550
  • Energy consumption: 5W
  • Flexible Goose neck that stays in position
  • Clamp depth: 6cm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Cable length 1.35M
  • Colour: White and Black
  • Overall Length 105cm
  • Clamp Depth 6cm
  • Light Length 37cm

Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134 Gallery

Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

It has a 6cm clamp opening and a cushion pad that protects any surface it is attached to. With its long neck, this lamp is capable of covering a large area with light.

The length of light is 32cm.

This lamp comes with a small tube to place at the base, which gives more stability if the light will be placed close to a surface or on an easel.

N3133 and N3134 Slim Lamp Flex XL

Where To Buy The Slim Lamp Flex XL N3133 and N3134

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