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Native Task Lamp N1190

Task Lamp N1190

This is one of the brightest lamps in the Native collection, it is a high-powered LED professional lamp, which is designed to light up wide areas on a desk, workstation, drawing board or large painting. It can also be used for lighting up a dressmaker’s dummy or creating extra light for photography. If you are working on large projects such as a quilt or a piece of clothing this light is invaluable.

Task Lamp N1190

3 Brightness

3 Brightness Levels

Clamp fixing

Clamp Fixing

Wide illumination

Wide Illumination

Colour Temp

Colour Temperature 5500K


  • Wide head ensures light spreads evenly across large areas.
  • Adjustable head means you can shine light exactly where you need it the most.
  • 3 step dimmer.
  • Fixes to surfaces via a clamp (which is supplied).
  • A long arm reach of 98cm (38.5”)

 Technical Details

  • Colour temperature: 5500K.
  • Lumens 1400
  • Head width: 50cm (19.75 inches), Head depth: 9.5cm (3.75 inches), Reach: 98cm (38.5”),
  • Clamp depth: 6.2cm (2.5 inches).

Task Lamp N1190 Gallery

Task Lamp N1190

Task Lamp N1190

The Daylight simulation is invaluable if you work with colours, particularly dark colours like black and navy can look the same under a normal lamp or overhead light.  There is nothing more soul destroying than seeing a project that you worked on the night before with miss matched colours, using the task lamp will ensure that your colours always match perfectly.

The Task Lamp has a very wide shade, which can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position, ensuring that daylight is always exactly where it is needed the most.

The light has a continuous dimmer which allows the light to be dimmed up or down to the required setting.

The durable metal arm ensures that the lamp head can be positioned at the users desired height.

The clamp can be adjusted to fit very narrow and deep surface the minimum opening is 1cm and the maximum is 8cm the clamp also has protective cushion pads to protect your furniture.

The control pad features the on/off button and a + and – button these are for controlling the brightness of the lamp

Loosen the wing nut to position the lamp vertically, horizontally and laterally.

Task Lamp N1190

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