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Daylight Lamps

Daylight Lamps An Essential Tool for Artists

Daylight lamps are an essential tool for artists, especially those involved in intricate painting. These lamps mimic natural daylight, providing a clear and bright source of light that enhances colour accuracy and detail visibility. When working on intricate paintings, it is crucial to have proper lighting to ensure that every brushstroke and detail is accurately[…]

Daylight Lamps for Artists

Daylight Lamps for Artists Creating beautiful pieces of art is not only a pleasure but also good for the mind and soul. It’s shown that art not only strengthens focus but increases attention and develops hand-eye coordination. Creativity requires the correct tools though! You might have a favoured set of brushes or pencils, but have[…]

Five Great Daylight Reading Lamps

As the colder months of the year start to descend upon us and the darker nights draw in, there is nothing nicer than curling up in an armchair with a good book. But reading by the light of a standard lamp might soon lead to eyestrain and headaches, as your eyes become tired from the[…]

Daylight Beauty Lamps

Daylight Beauty Lamps At Native Lighting, we know a thing or two about the need for perfect lighting solutions in the beauty industry, where we realise this is important. Working closely with clients and carrying out intricate health and beauty tasks, a beautician needs a light that not only illuminates the subject but can be[…]

What Is The Best Light To Use In A Sewing Room?

What is the best light to use in a sewing room? Your sewing room might be the room you spend most of your waking hours when at home, so it’s important to ensure that the light in there is set up so that you can see and enjoy your craft at optimal levels. Being able[…]

What Is The Colour Rendering Index (CRI)?

What is the Colour Rendering index (CRI)? The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is used to measure how colours look to the human eye under artificial light in comparison to what they look like to the human eye in daylight. If you would like to know more about what daylight is then read here. CRI is measured[…]

What Is Daylight Light And How Can It Improve My Workplace?

What is daylight light and how can it improve my workplace? What is daylight? The colour temperature of daylight is controlled by the earth’s relativity to the sun, with the sun providing us full daylight when it directly faces the part of the planet we are on. This light fluctuates in colour depending on the[…]

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Daylight Bulb?

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Daylight Bulb? What is daylight? To understand what a daylight bulb is, we need to first understand what daylight is and how it is measured. Daylight is essentially all the direct and in-direct light presented to us by the sun. Daylight has many different colours across its spectrum[…]

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