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Five Great Daylight Reading Lamps

As the colder months of the year start to descend upon us and the darker nights draw in, there is nothing nicer than curling up in an armchair with a good book. But reading by the light of a standard lamp might soon lead to eyestrain and headaches, as your eyes become tired from the necessary adjustments that they need to make. If you’ve never tried a Daylight lamp for reading, you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and natural the lighting level feels. In this article, we highlight the benefits of Daylight reading lamps and look at five great choices from our product range for use when curled up with a good book.

Five Great Daylight Reading Lamps

Why Use Daylight Reading Lamps?

Using a Daylight lamp when reading will provide the perfect level of lighting, no matter the time of the day. The daylight effect comes from the specification and type of bulbs used. The colour temperature range produced by Daylight lighting allows levels of 5000°K to 6500°K to be selected – the level of natural white daylight – meaning that you can sit and read at any time of the day, as though you were sat in natural daylight.

The clarity and contrast provided by Daylight lamps gives you the ability to see the fine detail on the pages of your book, allowing you to read in comfort and relaxation for as long as you like. The optimal brightness given, combined with high contrast means your eyes feel less strain and reading is pleasurable and relaxing.

Let’s look at some of the lamps from our range that will offer the perfect lighting solution, whether to read for work, study or pleasure.

LED Desk Lamp N4236

The most affordable daylight reading lamp in the range, the LED Desk Lamp N4236 allows you to try the benefits of daylight lighting when reading in a portable and lightweight way. If you like to read on holiday, whilst travelling on a train or plane, the LED Desk Lamp N4236 is powered by USB so can be plugged into a battery pack or laptop. Also perfect for reading whilst working, the lamp provides daylight with 5500°K, replicating natural daylight for reduced eye strain. The flexible gooseneck allows the light to be directed for comfortable reading without disturbing anyone else.

RNIB Lumina Floor Lamp N3173R

The RNIB Lumina Floor Lamp N3173R was developed by us in conjunction with the RNIB and includes features tailored for those with low vision.

With the slim base fitting under a chair or sofa, this lamp would be right at home in a cosy reading corner, angled over your armchair to direct the light down onto your reading material. Offering the ability to select a colour temperature from 2800°K up to 6500°K (natural white daylight), any time of day becomes the perfect time to read. The adjustable brightness allows you to create a cosy feel to your reading area and the handy remote control means that you never need leave your chair to make any adjustments.

Chameleon Desk Magnifier N4237

If you are looking for a desk lamp to study, read manuals or information on projects, the Chameleon Desk Magnifier N4237 has a wealth of features to ensure a comfortable read. With 8D (3X) magnification, this lamp allows an easier, more comfortable read for your eyes. The protective cover for the magnifier can be utilised if you don’t need the magnifier, just the light of the lamp. The flexible gooseneck allows the magnification and light to be angled directly onto your work, with the range of colour temperatures up to 6500°K – replicating natural white daylight. If you are up reading whilst studying or working late, the natural daylight replication will lessen the strain on your eyes.

Onyx Task Lamp N1191

With its stylish looks and range of features, the professional Onyx Task Lamp N1191 is equally at home in the office or domestic setting. If you have large areas of text to read, such as plans and diagrams, the Onyx Task Lamp is designed to light up wide areas with a bright pool of light. The Onyx can be angled with ease over your work and positions so that it does not cast shadows – perfect for reading text. With a colour temperature of natural white daylight of 6500°K and a clamp fixture to hold it firmly in place without damage, this provides the perfect solution for reading at home or in the office.

Slim Lamp Flex N3122 and N3123

If you like to read on the go or need a natural daylight lighting solution for reading whilst commuting or for working in a hotel room, the Slim Lamp Flex N3122 and N3123 provides this perfectly. Powered by USB, this lamp can be easily connected to your laptop or other USB port and offers a wide spread of 5500°K (natural daylight) light over your reading material, from its long slim head, significantly reducing eyestrain. The flexible gooseneck aids the ability to direct light where it’s needed, and the clamp allows the lamp to be secured on the move.

Five Great Daylight Reading Lamps
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