Daylight Craft Lamps

Daylight Craft Lamps

Crafting is a relaxing and creative way to spend your free time but what if you have to cut it short due to poor lighting giving you eye strain? At Native Lighting, we understand how frustrating it can be to have to cut short time spent on your hobby, so we have a range of lighting that perfectly illuminates your crafting projects in the equivalent of natural daylight. This makes the time you spend on your hobby pleasurable, relaxing, and spent in comfort. We’d like to share with you some of our best daylight craft lamps:

Lumina Floor Lamp N3173 & N3183

The Lumina Floor Lamp is the most popular crafting lamp in our range. This lamp is versatile use it at a table if you are working on a sewing machine or a project, or move it into the lounge to use while sitting on the sofa. The lamp features 5 different colour temperatures including the daylight setting which is perfect if you are working with colours and need to match them. The flexible gooseneck allows the light to be positioned just where you need it. Included is a handy remote control so you don’t even need to move from the sofa to switch it off.  With 25 different colour and brightness settings on this lamp, you will always find the most comfortable for your eyes.

Further information and full specification for our Lumina Floor Lamp can be found here

A4 Lightbox N1414 and A3 Lightbox N1313

Our A4 Lightbox N1414 and A3 Lightbox N1313,  are extremely useful for crafters, offering 2 sizes for different crafting projects. They are powered by a USB, and are lightweight and ultra-slim, making them easy to carry to craft classes or for crafting anywhere.

The lightbox’s low heat output makes it comfortable to craft with and crafters will appreciate the even spread of light from edge to edge. Need to measure your paper, card, or embellishments? No problem with the handy ruler on the edges, giving measurements in both centimetres and inches.

An even spread of light across the surface is delivered by a continuous dimmer of the  LED bulbs which makes crafting activities, such as tracing and embossing for cardmaking or scrapbooking, a breeze. When working with colours than need an exact match, the lightbox gives out a colour temperature of 5,500K  equivalent to natural daylight so that colours appear true.

Further information and full specification for our Lightboxes can be found here

Task Lamp XL N1180 and N1181

Extremely versatile with two styles of fixture – either fixed to the wall beside your crafting space or moveable via the supplied clamp, our  Task Lamp XL N1180 and N1181 also feature a wide shade (80cm) that will light up large areas of your  – perfect for quilting, drawing, or painting. One of our larger daylight craft lamps, with a reach of 35cm, the arm allows movement and placement of light over large areas of your project. The daylight setting is perfect for working with colours, especially those at the darker end of the spectrum as these can look the same under a lamp with a standard bulb. Precise colour matching,  is all in a day’s work for the Task Lamp XL due to a daylight colour temperature of 5,500K and an output of 1,500 lumens.

Further information and full specification for our Task Lamp can be found here

Daylight Craft Lamps

Eclipse Ring Light N5225

If you like to film your crafting to share with others, our Eclipse Ring Light will be right up your street. Featuring three adjustable and removable phone holders in the middle, the head can be angled to the position that you need so that your crafting project is perfectly lit/illuminated. Why so many phone holders? If you’re doing a ‘live’ to multiple social media platforms, you can do them at the same time and only need to record once. Upon downloading the paired app, you can use the brilliant Bluetooth remote to operate the camera on your phone for ease of filming up to ten metres away. The lamp height can be adjusted between 128cm – 220cm, for easy placement on a table or the floor so that the phone’s camera will always be at the perfect height. The Eclipse Ring Light features a control panel with four touch-sensitive buttons for turning on or off, adjusting the brightness and the colour temperature you require  (warm, cool or daylight. The Eclipse Ring Light is the perfect partner for adding a professional touch to your crafting tutorials.

Further information and full specification for our Eclipse Ring Light can be found here

Chameleon Magnifying Lamp N4237

Many aspects of crafting require intricate, detailed and close-up work and our Chameleon Magnifying  Lamp offers the perfect assistance with a dimmer setting the brightness can be adjusted to deliver more light to aid with painting miniatures, for instance. The strong, flexible gooseneck allows the bright light and magnification to be angled in any direction over your crafting project and the wide, sturdy base maintains the stability of the lamp on any flat surfaces. The lamp emits daylight, warm light, or cool light with three brightness levels for each, enabling maximum relaxation with no eye strain as you enjoy your hobby.

Further information and full specification for our Chameleon Magnifying Lamp can be found here

Expert Advice Choosing Daylight Craft Lamps

Not sure whicj  one of our Daylight Craft Lamps is best for you? If you need help choosing the right daylight lamp for your craft projects, get in touch via our social media channels, we would love to hear from you! We would also love to see your work in progress, connect with us via Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you love to make and what your challenges are and we will recommend the right lamp for you!

Daylight Craft Lamps
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