Daylight Lamps for Artists

N3133 and N3134 Slim Lamp Flex XL

Daylight Lamps for Artists

Creating beautiful pieces of art is not only a pleasure but also good for the mind and soul. It’s shown that art not only strengthens focus but increases attention and develops hand-eye coordination. Creativity requires the correct tools though! You might have a favoured set of brushes or pencils, but have you considered another essential piece of equipment – lighting? Whether you create art for pleasure or are lucky enough to be an artist as your career, having the right lighting to be able to create masterpieces is essential.

Trying to work with poor lighting can lead to headaches, eye strain not to mention not being entirely sure if the colours you have selected work well for the piece. At Native Lighting, we have a range of lamps that offer the optimum lighting conditions for artistic endeavours.

A4 Lightbox N1414 and A3 Lightbox N1313

One of the most popular lamps with artists is our A4 Lightbox N1414 and A3 Lightbox N1313 and it’s not hard to see why. Powered by USB, so totally portable, both the A4 Lightbox and A3 Lightbox are lightweight and ultra-slim. The design allows an even spread of light from edge to edge and gives out very little heat, making the lightbox comfortable to work with. An extremely handy feature for artists is the ruler on the edges, with measurements in both centimetres and inches.

The continuous dimmer via the LED bulbs provides an even spread of light across the surface – perfect for tracing and embossing and many other arts and crafts. Photographers will appreciate the ability to light a subject from beneath when placed on the lightbox. The colour temperature emitted is 5,500K which is equivalent to natural daylight so that colours appear true.

Further information and full specification for our Lightboxes can be found here.

Daylight Lamps for Artists

Task Lamp XL N1180 and N1181

The wide shade on our new Task Lamp XL N1180 and N1181 will light up large areas of any work area, fixing to your work surface by the supplied clamp or can be fixed to the wall. The long arm reach of 35cm means that the light can be moved over your work with ease – perfect for working on a larger project. The 5-step dimmer gives great control over the level of light emitted. The Daylight setting is a godsend if you are working with colours, particularly dark colours which can look the same under a lamp with a standard bulb. Colour matching and fine detail are a breeze with the Task Lamp XL due to daylight colour temperature of 5,500K and an output of 1,500 lumens. It also has a clever Auto feature that adjusts the light intensity according to the light in the room.

Further information and full specification for the Task Lamp XL can be found here

Chameleon Magnifying Lamp N4237

Our Chameleon Magnifier Lamp gives the perfect solution to lighting up an area for close work. The dimmer setting means the brightness can be adjusted if you need more light for intricate areas of art. A key benefit of the Chameleon Magnifier Lamp is its strong, flexible gooseneck which enables bright light and magnification to be pointed in any direction. The wide, sturdy base helps keep the light stable on a range of flat surfaces. The lamp can be adjusted to provide magnification  (3X) when fine detail is required and emits the range of daylight, warm light or cool light with three brightness levels for each. This light is perfect for many arts and crafts including card making, quilting, embroidery and miniature painting.

Further details and full specifications for the Chameleon Magnifying Lamp can be found here

Onyx Task Lamp N1191

Our Onyx Task Lamp is a high-powered LED professional lamp, which provides the benefit of lighting up wide areas on a desk, workstation, cutting table or easel. The bright pool of light given by the Onyx Task Lamp and the long reach arm of 98cm (38.5”) will allow the light to be directed effortlessly over large projects. Artists of all ilks will love the fact that the light can be positioned so it doesn’t create any shadows. The Onyx Lamp is ideal for colour matching due as it has a daylight colour temperature of 6,500K and an output of 2,200 lumens.

Further information and full specification for the Native Lighting Onyx Lamp can be found here

Daylight Lamps for Artists

The above is a sample of our daylight lamps that are popular among artists. Do you use one of our lamps? We would love to hear all about what you do. You can reach out to us via our Facebook and Instagram accounts. For us, there is nothing better than seeing fabulously creative pieces and it gives us great pride to know that, in a very tiny way, our lamps helped to make it happen!

If you would like to see the full list of our recommended daylight lamps for artists, please click here.

Daylight Lamps for Artists
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