ZigZag Lamp N3181

ZigZag Lamp N3181

Rechargeable task light, which folds down flat and is perfect for use when travelling because it is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket or bag.

3 brightness levels

Three Brightness Settings

8 hours use

4 Hours Light per Charge

portable design


touch controls

Touch Controls

USB Charging

USB Charging

Foldable design

Foldable Design


  • Built-in rechargeable battery which can be recharged with a USB cable (standard USB to mini USB, which is supplied).
  • Features Three brightness settings which are displayed through the 18 LED lights on the portable travel lamp.
  • Provides up to four hours’ light when fully charged depending on the setting used
  • The on/off button is a touch sensitive control, don’t apply unnecessary pressure 
  • To switch on/off hold finger on the button lightly for 3 second

Technical Details

  • Colour temperature: 5,500K.
  • Lux output at 30cm (12″): 400Lux.
  • Energy Consumption 3.5W
  • The light is rectangular in shape when closed and measures 20cm (8 inches) long, 6cm (2.5 inches) wide and 2.5cm (1 inch) deep. When fully open the lamp is 30.5cm (12 inches) in height.
  • This lamp weighs 0.34kg.
  • Colour: Matte chrome.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.

Recharging Instructions

  • Connect the USB cable to a computer, tablet, power bank or a USB mains charger via the USB cable which is supplied.
  • When charging small red light beside the USB plug indicates charging 
  • When the red light is off the lamp is fully charged 
  • Replacement cable is a standard USB to mini USB.

ZigZag Lamp N3181 Gallery

ZigZag Lamp N3181

N3181 ZigZag Lamp

The single, touch sensitive button turns the light on and off, with this portable lamp displaying a light temperature of 5,500K. The lamp also has three brightness settings ensuring that it displays the optimal amount of light.

This portable travel lamp recharges using the mini USB which is supplied and can be plugged into any USB socket such as a laptop, computer or plug.

This light is suitable for people with low vision due to its ease of use and tactile design.

It provides up to four hours of bright white light, clearly illuminating the space in front of the lamp.

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