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2in1 Travel Lamp

2in1 Travel Lamp

Ideal for crafting, beauty, reading and travelling.


2in1 Travel Lamp N4240

3 Brightness

3 Levels of Brightness



Colour Temperature Daylight

Colour Temperature 2700, 4000, 5500

USB Charging

USB Cable

Key Features

  • Continuous dimmer.
  • 3 colour temperatures.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Lamp and torch.

Technical Details

  • Light diameter: 15cm (6 inches).
  • Height: extended 30.5cm (12 inches)
  • Base diameter: 7.5cm ( 3 inches)
  • Colour temperature: 3200K, 4200K and 6000K.
  • Torch diameter 7.5cm ( 3 inches)
  • Weight: 0.2kg.
  • Lumens: 200
  • Colour: White.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • To operate the lamp just keep your finger on the button.
  • To operate the torch  tap it twice
  • Once charged desk  lamp will last between 8-12hrs depending on the setting that is used
  • Once charged  torch will last up to 6hrs
  • Charging time is 3hrs

2in1 Travel Lamp

2in1 Travel Lamp

2in1 Travel Lamp N4240

The handy 2in1 Travel lamp can be used as a lamp and a torch. Its rechargeable so ideal to use when you are on the move. Its small enough to fit neatly into any craft, beauty, sewing bag or handbag.

It features warm, cool and daylight settings in the lamp and daylight in the torch. Each colour temperature has 3 dimmer settings. Ideal for use with beauty treatments, reading, homework and crafting. To operate the lamp just keep your finger on the button. To operate the torch just tap it twice.

2in1 Travel Lamp N4240

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