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Daylight Beauty Lamps

Daylight Lamps An Essential Tool for Artists

Daylight lamps are an essential tool for artists, especially those involved in intricate painting. These lamps mimic natural daylight, providing a clear and bright source of light that enhances colour accuracy and detail visibility. When working on intricate paintings, it is crucial to have proper lighting to ensure that every brushstroke and detail is accurately[…]

Ellisons Stock Native Lighting

Ellisons Stock Native Lighting Beauty lighting can make the difference between average and exceptional results in the salon or for mobile work, so Ellisons is delighted to stock lamps from leading British lighting experts, Native Lighting. Native’s range of daylight, dimmable, flexible and magnifying lamps is rapidly growing in popularity in the beauty world. This[…]

Daylight Beauty Lamps

Daylight Beauty Lamps At Native Lighting, we know a thing or two about the need for perfect lighting solutions in the beauty industry, where we realise this is important. Working closely with clients and carrying out intricate health and beauty tasks, a beautician needs a light that not only illuminates the subject but can be[…]

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