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Reverse Lamp N3191

Reverse Lamp N3191

The Reverse Lamp is a lightweight, rechargeable lamp which provides both cool and warm light, depending on which end it is standing on. If it is laid horizontally, it will provide an intermediate mix of the two-colour temperatures, providing daylight colour for tasks such as reading, drawing or writing. Just pop this lamp on your desk and it will illuminate your keyboard.

Reverse Lamp N3191

portable design


Colour Temperature Daylight

Colour Temperature 2700K and 6000K

Continuous Dimmer

Six Brightness Settings

touch controls

Touch Controls

USB Charging


Key Features

  • Light & portable.
  • Features a handle
  • Variable temperature colours depending on which side the lamp is stood.
  • USB compatible.
  • Has a continuous dimmer

Technical Details

  • Length: 20cm
  • Diameter: 8.5cm
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Colour: White with grey sides

Reverse Lamp N3191 Gallery

Reverse Lamp N3191

Reverse Lamp N3191

There is so many uses for this handy lamp, it can be used as a bedside light, a child’s night light, why not use the Daylight setting to read a story and warm light for the night light. It is great for lighting up outside areas, can be used to help you see in that dark cupboard or even if you have a power cut, much safer than using the candles. Its an ideal light to use for camping or in the caravan or as the lantern when you need to reach the toilet block in the middle of the night.

With its modern design, this lamp is suitable for use both at home and when on the go. The built-in light dimmer can be controlled via touch-sensitive controls at both ends of the lamp. At one end there is a handle, useful for transportation and for hanging up the lamp wherever it is needed.
This portable lamp comes with a standard USB to micro USB cable for convenient recharging via a USB port on a socket, computer, tablet, or power bank.

When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 48hrs hours on the lowest setting and 8hrs on the highest setting, depending on which dimmer setting is being used on the lamp.
LED’s are very energy efficient and this lamp does not generate any heat at all.

A handy handle is on one end of the lamp, this enables you to hold the lamp or hang it up, when on this position the light is warm.

To charge the lamp, plug in the mini USB in the charging port.
There is a touch-sensitive on and off button and a slider to change the brightness of the lamp, these controls are on both ends of the lamp.

When the lamp is laid on its side it illuminates half in Daylight and half in warm light, a great way to create some ambient lighting in your home.

They are great to use for a source of lighting on those days when we can sit outside and enjoy the summer evenings, with the charge lasting upto 8hrs on the highest setting this will see you through the night.

Reverse Lamp N3191

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